Every personal website should have links to your friends' webpages, whether you're trying to give empirical proof that you have friends, or you're trying to fool Google into giving you higher PageRank®. Here are some of my friends that I went to Wesleyan with.

  • Sean Dague: Sean is, among other things, an IBM corporate drone and the founder of the Mid-Hudson Valley Linux Users Group.

  • Dylan Reilly: Dylan is another IBM Borg was my roommate for two years at Wes, who I hear has a much cooler job these days than he used to.

  • Nick Coleman: Nick recently moved to West Virginia, and started his new blog. All sorts of life changes for Nick!

  • Trey Belew: Trey finally put together a website. Finally..

  • Danielle Wain: Danielle isn't actually WesFolk, but she's Wesleyan in spirit. She's a friend of mine from Champaign who is stuck in Iowa and is a total running bad-ass. She's also the person who organized our team for the Wild West Relay that we ran in 2006.